Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As if

As if sewing, crocheting, crafting, decorating our home and dabbling in the world of photography wasn't enough....I picked up jewelry making AGAIN....yes again, it was something I used to do when Andy and I were first married and once I started sewing and crocheting it went to the way side. The problem with being creative is that when you see something you think "hey I could make that" instead of buying it( I saw something a while ago and dreamed this version up!). The other problem is a slue of unfinished goods laying around the house and yes I do it because I think I will save a TON of money but we all know that isn't the case ;) so enjoy my latest treasure...sweet, simple beaded dainty gold chain necklace with peach bamboo died beads. I have already made a few and they are all soon to be listed @ also a small tutorial to make your own is in the works :D so check back! And custom orders are always welcome Christmas, bridesmaids, little girls, birthday you name it! Ava and I will be rocking our own matching ones this weekend at the ballet and family dinner @ Pine Tavern. Happy Holidays!

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